Saturday, 29 August 2009

Fedora 11 Boot Problem (disk checking)

Oh my god! After having a complete system update and Electronic Lab installation, I did a reboot. I do not know what exactly happened, the white stuff loaded only to some extent. Then suddenly a black screen turned out saying
"Press Ctrl + D to continue or enter password to do a manual disk check". Gawd! It scared everything out of me..! Last time I had similar kind of problem and I ended up Reinstalling the whole Fedora 11. But this time, I thought of making things myself. Remembered this command, fsck.
But when I gave it just as "fsck"... It started asking me weird questions like... "Do you want to move this block, actually it was supposed to be at this place and stuff". I didn't have any clue about the moving of disks. But I tried understanding the inner stuff of what was exactly going on behind the scene. Then, I brutally rebooted the system, and I gave
fsck -A -y

and things turned out to be Real GOOD! It asked me to reboot at the end of this filesystem checking process. And Cool..! The white stuff loaded well and the system started. Thanks to the stability of Fedora. No wonder why Linux is mainly focussed on developers, but when I was able to solve the problem, I really loved it..! No matter, I love fedora and love to be as an Ambassador throughout..!

Fedora ROX big time..!

p.s. All the companies and related stuff which I have used here belongs to the company. I put my head into no licensing issues. ( This statement is meant for geeks who actually peep into everything around and check for licenses..!)

Friday, 21 August 2009

Page ranking of my blog..!

Hey there!

The concept of page rank is really cool..! I don't know how exactly it works after the improvements over the previous algorithms, but anyways it has done one major thing..!
It has given the same page rank for both yahoo ( and my blog..! Means that both have the same importance according to Google..!