Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My blog's becoming popular...

I used google analytics to track the traffic to my blog. I was really surprised to find that I've been having consistent people from many countries to view this...
Lots of countries such as US, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UK, Sweden, Japan and obviously India. US has given me a decent amount of traffic and states such as California, Maryland, Texas, Minnesota, Rhodes Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etc. I feel very good to know that someone from such a far country has spent time in going through my blog for as long as 16 mins and 49 secs. There are even visitors who have read my Blog from Santa Clara, which means that someone should have tracked my blog from Sun Microsystems as I am a part of GLOSS.
The average statistics predict that I've a "direct traffic" predominating than being tracked through a search engine. Also not to mention that at a particular point of time when people had searched for "Mechanical at SASTRA" my blog enjoyed the I'm feeling lucky spot. The average time spent by the visitors in my blog is 2 min 29 secs till this moment. Will update you, when a nearest milestone is achieved.

Younger ones dominate, or is it the other way? You decide!

Hello all,

Let me directly come to the point. It’s always a feeling when one is in first year to get afraid of seniors. But as time goes on and we come to the second year, we recognize ourselves in a better position and try to dominate the juniors. This is a tradition always followed to whichever college we go!

This is more or like an elder child’s feeling towards a new born younger one! This is a very basic happening and most likely results in unwanted such as ragging, etc. But now it’s not like that…


I’m going to tell you a story based on a true life incident which happened earlier this month in the girls’ hostel to a very calm III yr. senior;

A junior passing by her asked: Excuse me, Please wait!

Which year are you in?


Oh! That’s ok! Which branch did you opt?


Did you not get ECE when you attended the counseling?


Ok, Shall I call you ma’am or akka? Which one are you comfortable with?


Hmmm… not to tell these people! It’s very true that we’ve to struggle for existence!

Leave this; even in the GLOSS session which was conducted for the juniors, there were people who dominatingly asked hello senior! Were you able to find at least one girl friend in these 3 years??

Oops… can’t comment!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Registration Website For GLOSS

It was all a hurry, as the orientation session for the first year was nearing. We people in the GLOSS developers' team had split the jobs between us. One group took care of the videos and other took care of publicity. Harish had done a marvelous job working on the posters. They were really stunning!
I took up the registration website designing. Initially I thought of going with the Microsoft Visual Studio's Web Developer kit. I even had some hands on the tools but I found that connecting to database and deploying the website in a server was a tough job. So I had asked for help from Dwarak and Abhishek. Abhishek helped me with xampp and MySQL query browser software. The xampp software allows one to establish a server within their system! He also asked me to drop the plan of making the webpage in Visual Studio and asked me to try a hand on php.
To my surprise, I found php very easy. It was all the same old syntax of C and C++ combined with some spl database features. I felt as though php and MySQL were cousins when trying to link them. Though a part of the core MySQL codings were given by Abhishek, I struggled hard to later develop it into a stable one. The first "distro" (theme) that I had designed for the site was just of the colour combination which Harish had provided in his 2nd poster. When we approved the theme and started working on the wifi, I felt that the site was taking a lot of time to load.

Then sitting late night with Adobe Photoshop, I came up with a blue-white theme for the site. It was far appealing than the previous one. The menus were neat and good looking. People tested my site and I felt so happy that I had reached mount everest.

And one more thing which I felt the most happy was that, Google uses MySQL as the backend and even my site uses MySQL as the backend! As I always used to say Open Source Rox..!!

"Huh!!! Sanjeev! I'm really proud of you..!"