Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Younger ones dominate, or is it the other way? You decide!

Hello all,

Let me directly come to the point. It’s always a feeling when one is in first year to get afraid of seniors. But as time goes on and we come to the second year, we recognize ourselves in a better position and try to dominate the juniors. This is a tradition always followed to whichever college we go!

This is more or like an elder child’s feeling towards a new born younger one! This is a very basic happening and most likely results in unwanted such as ragging, etc. But now it’s not like that…


I’m going to tell you a story based on a true life incident which happened earlier this month in the girls’ hostel to a very calm III yr. senior;

A junior passing by her asked: Excuse me, Please wait!

Which year are you in?


Oh! That’s ok! Which branch did you opt?


Did you not get ECE when you attended the counseling?


Ok, Shall I call you ma’am or akka? Which one are you comfortable with?


Hmmm… not to tell these people! It’s very true that we’ve to struggle for existence!

Leave this; even in the GLOSS session which was conducted for the juniors, there were people who dominatingly asked hello senior! Were you able to find at least one girl friend in these 3 years??

Oops… can’t comment!


Gowri said...

Beautiful narration, enjoyed...expecting an answer too for your question.....!!!

Sanjeev Gopinath said...

Can't make any public statements now... But I do have a few friends who are girls... Not planning for anything serious... he he he ;)