Sunday, 31 May 2009

Multinational companies and their Interviews

Hey Guys, is a great link to find about the ways of preparing for interview of various software MNCs. It also gives a huge collection of tips and puzzles that might be useful to many of us who are thriving to get into google, ms and other big daddy's of s/w.

Young Coders Forum

Hola ppl!

Hmmm all set! Many of my friends have left to their home for the semester hols. And I am really big time peaceful with the silence around here! Hmmm... late yesterday night, when I was googling to find out a good coders forum, I found this! Though, I now can't give a review about it... I can just say enough that it rox!

try this link:
You ppl can also try my fav. site! Its absolutely cool:
and this too...

the archives in topcoder about solving problem is worth readin'.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Lets try Linux Season 1

Last month, we planned to come up with some session for GLOSS and finally decided to go with my idea of having a seminar series on linux and troubleshooting. To have a strong impact with the student community, I suggested the name to be Lets Try Linux season 1. The daily agenda contained a 50 min of seminar on a particular topic about linux and also a ten minute talk by a regular member on a technical community website. The sessions went as per plan and the participation of students was decent. The ones who came the first day, attended till the end of the series. Lets try Linux season 1, showed the power of Linux and made people get cleared with their caches that Linux is not user friendly. It made people find Linux an interesting operating system to use and work with. We offered a complete insight to everyone about linux and in the process, we in the team learnt a lot too. Dwarak gave the introductory session about Lets try Linux followed by community talk on OSUM website by Alagu Nachal. The next day, it was my turn to talk about the installations of various Linux flavors and I explained in detail the ways of partitioning hard disks and installing linux without affecting other operating systems installed previously. I explained most of them using Virtual Box and also about installing Linux (ubuntu) inside windows. When my seminar was going on, volunteers helped to install linux in their system based on my explanations. They sorted out their problems and we installed Linux as a native boot to many systems. My seminar was followed by a community talk by Sudha Rani about . The next day to add spice, Anurag had showed a lot of customisation that would make the appearance of linux more appealing than its counterparts. He also explained about configuring wifi drivers (biggest problem in SASTRA) in an easy way. He told about the mad wifi drivers and various other drivers such as the ndiswrapper. Following him was Gayathri's talk on another community website. The next day, seminar was about wine emulator and Dwarak showed how easy it is to play age of empires and counter strike in Linux. The next day, it was Vikas's turn and he spoke about LAN and networking using Linux. He explained about SAMBA and stuff. Followed by his seminar was Komal's community talk. This ended the season 1 successfully. Hope the next season would rock too.

OSUM Pizza Party

Hey there,

I'm sorry to come up with a blog post this late. I had to settle a lot of issues with my previous post about my visit to Goa. I was also engaged in a few other stuffs which I'll be blogging about sooner or later.

Coming to the topic of discussion...

OSUM is a social networking website which offers a lot of features exclusively for students who belong to a technical university. It allows one to create forums and discuss about various technologies related to open source and Sun Microsystems.

A few of SASTRA students belonging to GLOSS, the open source community of SASTRA, are a part of this website. According to a recently declared contest, colleges that make more than 100 registrations in the OSUM website will get a free pizza party. And we were more than 200 before the last date of the contest. After long time then, we planned for the pizza party and Dwarak, the Sun Campus Ambassador of SU arranged one for GLOSS members at Krishna Canteen. Since pizza was not available at our campus, we had to go with sandwiches and samosas. It was completely organized right from the beginning to the end by Dwarak. Myself and Anurag voluanteered for distributing the sandwiches and stuff to all. Almost 90 of them attended OSUM party and were happy to the zenith. We gave chocolate cakes, samosas, mango drink, sandwich and much more. Everyone just loved it. We took a lot of pics and had a group photo too.

At this happy occassion, I felt a little sad too. I found members of GLOSS standing in their own gangs, for instance, the first year folks, second year ICT students, Hindi speaking students, third year girls and third year boys. They were all upto there own stories and chit chats. Good to see that, but these days since there is no proper unity, GLOSS is getting smaller and smaller day-by-day. People have started losing their interest in technologies of tomorrow. Also most of the important members of GLOSS have started moving towards various other activities and clubs. A few give reasons and blame their internals and other exams but the main reason being lethargic.

GLOSS is a great platform for learning and it has a very good base and is well structured too. The open source lab is also a great gift which makes GLOSS, a real technical community, far ahead and different from others. GLOSS is nothing but the outcome of sheer hardwork and sufferings of Kumar Abhisek who is presently the Student Co-ordinator of Sun Microsystems. Also Dwarakanath, Sun Ambassador of SU, has taken GLOSS to a great height by helping the developers at GLOSS, get projects to work on. He also made a lot of other contributions. He helped people to get involved in international contests organised by Sun, like the CodeJavafx, Code for freedom, etc. But sadly, not many of them are making use of GLOSS to a good extent. Even the number of mails in the mailing alias has gone down drastically. If this is the case today, tomorrow the situation might even get worst. And so, a few of us have decided to come up with a series of measures and events for GLOSS next year. Hope that would not let it vanish in the mid air even without the participation of main members of GLOSS.

Disclaimer : I don't know if this post would create any controversy, but be it anything, these are my views and is not meant to hurt anyone.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Statistics on my internet usage

Some Statistics about my internet usage! I used many other internet applications such as gtalk, avg updates, etc. My main use was to explore second world. I started using right from 3rd and you can see and increase in graph!

Start Time Stop Time Send[KB] Receive[KB] Total[KB] Duration[second] Traffic(KB)
2009/05/04 22:00:192009/05/04 23:24:1915280 173213 188493 5040 188493
2009/05/04 19:41:032009/05/04 20:41:036468 81370 87838 3600 87838
2009/05/04 14:17:332009/05/04 14:23:3317 1 18 360 18
2009/05/04 11:29:062009/05/04 14:17:2814263 110055 124318 10102 124318
2009/05/03 23:03:452009/05/04 02:10:4527313 178175 205488 11220 197081
2009/05/03 20:52:122009/05/03 21:17:125318 44191 49509 1500 49509
2009/05/03 18:16:392009/05/03 20:52:0735132 316244 351376 9328 351376
2009/05/03 17:56:162009/05/03 18:16:34526 5588 6114 1218 6114
2009/05/03 11:43:442009/05/03 12:53:443455 28862 32317 4200 32317
2009/05/03 11:23:012009/05/03 11:33:010 2 2 600 2
2009/05/03 10:39:342009/05/03 11:22:521 7 8 2598 8
2009/05/03 09:51:522009/05/03 10:39:251220 9453 10673 2853 10673
2009/05/02 18:31:292009/05/02 18:33:5928 182 210 150 210
2009/05/02 18:29:552009/05/02 18:31:2424 31 55 89 55
2009/05/02 18:19:172009/05/02 18:29:50329 1882 2211 633 2211

So ppl, use secondlife, but be sure that Internet costs less or is free. Its actually good to explore the Second life technology. A lot of lecture series, the great languagelab, Princeton University etc rock. I wished I had unlimited connection for this sake!

Internet Usage by Second life...

Heya guys? addicted to second life. Though its an unbelievable creation, please know that it might eat up a lot of bytes by receiving and transferring. Though I didn't cross my limits, a two to three days of intermittent Second life usage, has already crossed 1 GB limit. Thanks to the plan that I use, I have free access upto 2.5 GB. So be careful with your pennies, that might go out of you pockets without your knowledge. Use second life during the free hours that the internet service providers allot. It'd be economical, else you'll end up using tera bytes..!

p.s. In no way, I mean to say that Second life is bad. Its actually good! Compared to any other service, I feel that SL eats less. I am just giving a warning that broadband internet newbies might burn out the internet service and money in SL unknowingly! :(