Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Software Freedom Week Celebrations @ GLOSS, SASTRA

Hello Readers,
I'm really sorry for not posting for so many days. I've been busy lately on many things like looking out for final year project internships and things like that. Anyways, the news is that, 3rd and 2nd year folks of GLOSS are organising Software Freedom week at SASTRA University. Software Freedom Week is celebrated inorder to emphasize the importance of open source to everyone. And, being at college, students and faculty members take immense pleasure in getting to know about what open source can do for them. Last year, we had conducted many competitions during the open source week, but this time, I'm not quite sure about the kind of surprises our juniors are gonna give us. I've got high hopes on them and I must say, the publicity thingies have been going quite well. Especially the posters are quite attractive. I sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm that they have been showing towards the community.
To tell a few lines about how open source can help you, I've got a small experience to share with. Recently I've been working on linux kernel development. It’s been going quite good and I seriously can’t express the kind of thrill I feel when I compile the code of Linux Kernel by myself and when I go through the source code of scheduler and stuff. I feel that may be, sky is the limit for the joy that you get when you’ve got some real cool operating system like Linux’s kernel source to play with. If not for open source, you might not be able to play with an OS’s source code like what you can do right now.
It’s like this... everyone cannot focus on reinventing the same wheel and releasing it as a new technology or product. It is always good to make use of already invented things and yet make something real cool.
Let me stop with this for now, it’s already late 1:40 a.m., I might start blabbering in the post if I don’t.
Till my next post, C’ya guys n’ don’t forget to attend the SFW celebrations at SASTRA :)