Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Internet Usage by Second life...

Heya guys? addicted to second life. Though its an unbelievable creation, please know that it might eat up a lot of bytes by receiving and transferring. Though I didn't cross my limits, a two to three days of intermittent Second life usage, has already crossed 1 GB limit. Thanks to the plan that I use, I have free access upto 2.5 GB. So be careful with your pennies, that might go out of you pockets without your knowledge. Use second life during the free hours that the internet service providers allot. It'd be economical, else you'll end up using tera bytes..!

p.s. In no way, I mean to say that Second life is bad. Its actually good! Compared to any other service, I feel that SL eats less. I am just giving a warning that broadband internet newbies might burn out the internet service and money in SL unknowingly! :(

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