Saturday, 16 May 2009

Lets try Linux Season 1

Last month, we planned to come up with some session for GLOSS and finally decided to go with my idea of having a seminar series on linux and troubleshooting. To have a strong impact with the student community, I suggested the name to be Lets Try Linux season 1. The daily agenda contained a 50 min of seminar on a particular topic about linux and also a ten minute talk by a regular member on a technical community website. The sessions went as per plan and the participation of students was decent. The ones who came the first day, attended till the end of the series. Lets try Linux season 1, showed the power of Linux and made people get cleared with their caches that Linux is not user friendly. It made people find Linux an interesting operating system to use and work with. We offered a complete insight to everyone about linux and in the process, we in the team learnt a lot too. Dwarak gave the introductory session about Lets try Linux followed by community talk on OSUM website by Alagu Nachal. The next day, it was my turn to talk about the installations of various Linux flavors and I explained in detail the ways of partitioning hard disks and installing linux without affecting other operating systems installed previously. I explained most of them using Virtual Box and also about installing Linux (ubuntu) inside windows. When my seminar was going on, volunteers helped to install linux in their system based on my explanations. They sorted out their problems and we installed Linux as a native boot to many systems. My seminar was followed by a community talk by Sudha Rani about . The next day to add spice, Anurag had showed a lot of customisation that would make the appearance of linux more appealing than its counterparts. He also explained about configuring wifi drivers (biggest problem in SASTRA) in an easy way. He told about the mad wifi drivers and various other drivers such as the ndiswrapper. Following him was Gayathri's talk on another community website. The next day, seminar was about wine emulator and Dwarak showed how easy it is to play age of empires and counter strike in Linux. The next day, it was Vikas's turn and he spoke about LAN and networking using Linux. He explained about SAMBA and stuff. Followed by his seminar was Komal's community talk. This ended the season 1 successfully. Hope the next season would rock too.

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Start Menu said...

I hope the Linux session was very much useful to many...,eagerly waiting for Season 2!!