Saturday, 19 April 2008

Being Proud - GLOSS

Hello ppl,
Today, I'm very proud to feel that I'm part of one of the fastest growing team of this world. Nevertheless I mean our GLOSS developers' team. It had always been my dream to work in a team. I usually feel jealous when one of those guys from infosys comment in every wednesday's opportunity paper about the team work that happens in their company. And this time I'm very much surprised to see me working as a part and parcel for GLOSS. It's always amazing and innovative to spend time with GLOSS Dev. team. You can really feel the uniqueness of every single person here. The timely jokes, sentiments, brotherhood that we get are priceless and the thoughts that we share with the cutting edge ideas, we come up with give us a great go...

Sooner we are going to take up projects in OpenSolaris and add to it a series of educational softwares and make it enough for students to use and get benefitted from.

Everyday the signs of development of GLOSS shows me the better part of it for being the No 1 contributor in the open source field. The young team of ours in the first year coming up with a lot of enthusiasm shows that we could reach GLOSS to greater heights.

Cheers to GLOSS that it keeps us engaged with lots of techie stuff and makes our IQ in every sphere sharper. We as in a team promise that we'd never let GLOSS lose its identity and vanish away into the dark...

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