Sunday, 7 September 2008

Adding Clock Gadget in your Blog...

If you'd like to add the clock gadget even in your blog follow these steps...!
1. Click on Get Widget which is present in the bottom of the clock gadget.
2. A widget box will appear with a Javascript code.
3. Copy it.
4. Open your blog and goto layout.
5. Click on Add a Gadget.
6. Now select HTML or Javascript in that.
7. Give the title and paste the code.
8. Save the gadget.
9. Save the Layout.
10. Your Gadget is ready.

If your internet connection is very slow, it might take time.

To Robert Reagan : Sir, If you have noted this, please comment...! Thanks for your compliments about the blog...

1 comment:

Gowri said...

Can you please suggest... how I can add emoticons to my "Private" blog ??

Another question... Whether my settings will change when I edit or replace the HTML(i.e)-changing the template ??