Monday, 26 October 2009

Bunk Bazaar (Attendance Manager) - a mobile application for students

Bunk Bazaar is a mobile application that helps every student manage his/her own attendance in a very easy and efficient way. The Bunk Bazaar application in addition, also gives alerts and other utilities. In short, its a complete software which any student would require!
Being a mobile application, its very handy and easy to use it. It can save a lot of time for every student and make them more cautious about attending classes and being regular to class. On the same line, it also gives the count of number of classes that you can bunk so that you don't cross below the threshold percentage.
Specifications :
Name : Bunk Bazaar
Version : 1.1
Details : CLDC 1.1,1.0 and MIDP 2.1,2.0

Attendance Register : Attendance register is a module that allows you enter your daily attendance. The intuitive way provides those hours(i.e. classes) that you've on a specified day. You can easily run through the check boxes and tick mark the absent hours. That's it.!
You can also find a modify option which will help you correct the mistakes made during the attendance entry.

Check Zone : Allows you to check your attendance.
This provides you with a short summary to a full statistics about your attendance. You can check alert meters, overall percentages and couple of other things too.

Quick Alerts : To those who want to know things quick! you've got Quick Alerts. This module will alert you about those courses in which you've to make sure that you attend classes regularly. It's a very intuitive alarm interface that will make you go gaga when it says! "Enjoy your day!".

Forecaster : Intense computations through a lot of equations, this module helps a student know how many classes he has to attend to make up the threshold attendance percentage level and how many he can afford to skip. The software has an inbuilt intelligence capability and prompts you when in need.

Time table : Time table gives you a few options like viewing and modifying a time table. This is provided so that, you can add up a few more classes, in case you get a special class on weekends or during some other day.

Roll Back : Roll back allows you to reinstall your software to its factory settings.

All these options provide a complete attendance suite for a college/university going student who carries a mobile :). The interface is as simple and doesn't even require you to spend lots of MBs of your precious phone's memory card.

The application was developed by me (Sanjeev Gopinath V) and my fellow friends Anurag Jain and Sudha Rani. In case if you're interested to use it, you can mail us at : We'll provide you with the .jar file at the earliest :)


Alagu Nachal said...

hey its working well... i liked it so much ... its v.useful for all college goers ! good wrk! kp it up !

香蕉哥哥 said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄

Sady said...

While compiling, set obfuscation to "HIGH" in configuration settings, this can reduce the resultant jar size from 235 kB to about 174 kB :)

Priya said...

hie...m nt sure bt i m wrking on a project same but the other way round ..this one is for students m tryin for teachers....if u cud help i wud be appreciate....thanks

AlamNobi said...

As I am a student this article help me a lot to learn through the apps on my iPhone5. . Appsta