Monday, 9 June 2008

My Computer Life

It was a day when my dad was asking me a few questions when I was playing ‘Age of Empires’. He had asked me, how can one program such brilliant computer games???
Suddenly a spark struck in my mind on programming. I found the pleasure that one could get from programming something. When you could get the output of a complex problem quickly; I thought, oh! This could be the best area in which we can develop our skills on.
I started programming as early as when I was in 6th. That led me to the strongest foundation that one could never imagine on. I started of with QBASIC and then slowly went to website development through the Yahoo! Geocities. That helped me to learn much of the tricks and tips in various branches of computer science and commerce. With the ideas of QBASIC I had gone to a coaching center to learn C-language. But the lady there, ordered me to finish MS-Office and the continue with C. Hence I had to continue with MS-Office. Then I finished my C and completed my C++ too. This happened by the end of 10th as I had got 75% scholarship for a Diploma in C, C++ and UNIX in CSC. I had promised my teachers there to complete 6-10 projects by the end of the course. But when I saw the project catalogue, I was off! They were quite tough. But I had kept my promise. I submitted around 4 projects which included…
• Calendar
• Calculator
• File Manager
• Database Manager

Then with the introduction of Operating Systems in my +1, I started off with a DOS based cross platform called as Entrada Emission. This could help for a text processing, file management, database management, presentation management and much more across different machines. I made this version portable when I was in my I yr. B.Tech. I had created many applications such as Natter Man for having a chat via the school LAN.
The turning point of my computer life came when I was in 12th std., my principal madam had called me while talking with the software engineers. She wanted to have a question paper generator for one word answering. The software engineers had asked her for a great time. I promised her that I’ll make one for her within a week time or even less than that. This made the software engineers envy the regards and the pride that my princi., had on me. Then with my entering into the college I had joined GLOSS and my life has been pretty interesting from then on.

People I would like to thank in this regard:
• Mr. Mohan Kumar (My 6-8th Computer Teacher)
• Mr. Narayan Balaji (My 9th Computer Teacher)
• Mr. Dharmarajan (My 11th Computer Teacher)
• Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari (My 12th Computer Teacher)

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Gowri said...

Keep it up !! I know you will come up in life with flying colours !!