Thursday, 27 November 2008

Celebrating Deepavali with OpenSolaris...

Heya Guys!
This time, I had a wonderful deepavali. I took with me 4 of my friends and roamed around our township, Spencers and the beautiful Mahabalipuram. And you know, the other day when we went to Mahabalipuram, me and Anurag wore the OpenSolaris t-shirt - Our Uniform @ GLOSS. It was great fun and with an 8 Mega Pixel camera we came up with great photos. At GLOSS, it had always been our dreams to reach open source to both the student and general community and so, we thought of wearing the OpenSolaris T-Shirt which would in-turn propagate the great Sun's OS too. Not just this, wearing the OpenSolaris t-shirt, gives us, the GLOSS members a sense of pride and attachment in working towards the success of open source. We came up with a lot of good photos and believe me, they looked as though we were modelling for OpenSolaris. Anyways, when we had ppl turn around to see us with Sun's logo, we felt proud and happy.

1. I'm on the left..!
2. Feeling great to be powered by Sun.
3. OpenSolaris - Reaching Everywhere

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Gowri said...

Looking great ! Proud to have you my young brother !! Keep going ahead....