Sunday, 28 June 2009

Creating a website in 10 minutes

Hi all,
Lets deploy a website made with PHP and a MySQL database. Follow these steps carefully...

Installing the business tier
1. Download XAMPP by clicking
2. Install XAMPP by selecting Apache, MySQL and FileZilla AS SERVICE.
3. Click next for all other windows that appear.
4. Start XAMPP and start Apache, MySQL and FileZilla.
5. Disable your windows firewall by navigating to control panel.
6. Type localhost in your browser and see if XAMPP site is opening.

Installing Access tier
1. Download MySQL Gui tools from
2. Pick a mirror based on your platform type. Its generally x86.
3. Either register or, click on No thanks! Generally i prefer the second one! ;)
4. Choose a location and click https.
5. Download it.
6. Install it by clicking Next to all that follows.
7. Your Back end is ready.

Create your first web-coding (name it index.php) by following the instructions in the link,

and put your file in a Newfolder (Give it a name) in C:\xampp\htdocs.
Now open your browser and type, localhost/NewFolder(the folder name that you gave) and press enter. Tada! the html file appears...
Now try some php coding by using this link,
Now try combining MySQL queries by following the appropriate links that appear in the above mentioned link.


tryfatur said...

One question from me
can you post step or tutorial create
some website with XML or PHP language? please help me

Sanjeev Gopinath said...

Hi Tryfatur,
You can use to learn php and create websites. You can alternatively try Joomla too...