Saturday, 6 June 2009

Time change between Linux Fedora and XP / Vista

Hello guys,
For visitors from some Search Engine : You're so punctual hm? Tending to synchronise time, technology, etc,etc!!! Great man! Anyways! You can find the necessary solution here! Take sometime to read it!

Fedora has been doing really great these days and many of my friends have started moving towards fedora! After quite a few days of our consistent use, we found that the time was not synchronised in many of the laptops running dual boot between Vista/XP with Linux Fedora/Ubuntu. We were trying to find a solution for this and here it is!!

Goto your linux system.
Goto System > Administration > Date and Time > Time Zone.
Below this, you may see a check box telling about some UTC and stuff!
Uncheck it. Close and reset your system time and date! Tada! Everything will work fine from now!

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Anurag said...

There is something called NTC support which synchronise our system time with the internt. Its just very simple to install : Instead of manual setting select to synchronise from internet and it will just download a package and you are done....